Telecom Expense & Inventory
Management Service

“As corporate America struggled with the complexity of telecom vendor and expense management, InteleSystems built a business out of providing solutions to these issues long before it was widely accepted as a specialized niche.” 

InteleSystems’ Flagship Offering

TEIMS is InteleSystems’ flagship offering of a complete end-to-end solution for managing all telecom expense, inventory, service provider, and provisioning service elements. Rendered through the latest in web-based technology, TEIMS is comprised of essentially two fully integrated components – TEMS.net, (Telecom Expense Management System) a robust “back-office” telecom expense and accounting system, and SIMS (System Inventory Management Service) a provisioning, reporting, and contact management solution utilized by telecom and IT associates on a daily basis for immediate access to any informational data related to their telecom infrastructure.

Customer managers and associates have immediate access to any telecom invoice, inventory item, order-in-process and spectrum of reporting that can meet the desires of the most demanding analyst.

TEIMS Benefits

  • Micro-management of telecommunications expenses.
  • Maintain accountability and control of telecom infrastructure.
  • Immediate availability of enterprise wide services, facilities, systems, vendors, and contacts.
  • Minimize large vendor billing disputes.
  • Eliminate large auditing fees.
  • Dramatically improved vendor accountability.
  • Significantly reduce company-wide telecommunications costs.
  • Immediate availability of inventory data for RFP solicitations.
  • Provides management with good business decision-making data.
  • Flexible data import/export capability
  • One-Click access to customized reports

TEIMS: Available Services to Be Included In Project Scope

  • Processing of all telecom related invoices including cost allocation, A/P integration, and financial reporting
  • Automated invoice approval and payment processing
  • New install and disconnect order coordination processing (service provisioning)
  • Selection, negotiation and implementation (formal and informal RFP process) of services
  • Manage vendor relationships to ensure contract compliance and maintenance of support levels
  • Monthly audit of all telecommunications invoices, identify billing errors, quantify overcharges, and secure recovery from service providers

TEIMS – Telecom Expense & Inventory Management Service

  • Identify and implement cost reduction opportunities to realized completion
  • Maintain services, facilities, systems, vendors and contacts inventories
  • Complete wireless management solution
  • Site Management Database – inventories, contracts, circuits, lines, etc…
  • Full vendor management

For more information about our services contact us: info@intelesystems.com