Contract Management

“As corporate America struggled with the complexity of telecom vendor and expense management, InteleSystems built a business out of providing solutions to these issues long before it was widely accepted as a specialized niche.”

InteleSystems Contract Management Solution

InteleSystems Contract Management Solution is unmatched in the industry culminating over 500 contracts negotiated, disputed, settled and amended to protect the interests of its clients over a 25 year span of experience.

Contract Negotiations

  • Contract scorecard
  • Requirements gathering
  • Identify objectives
  • RFP prep and response review
  • Benchmark data
  • Contract savings analysis based on actual invoice
  • T/C language
  • Contract negotiations pre and post legal review

Bidder Analysis & Selection

  • Invitation selection
  • Bidders conference
  • Question and answer liaison
  • Evaluation composite
  • Response summaries
  • Response due diligence
  • “Best and Final” review

Contract Negotiations

  • Select 3 finalists
  • Apply acquired market intelligence (recent competitive contract offerings)
  • Deliver desired contract language (may include legal/regulatory specialist)
  • Negotiate contract language
  • Prepare final contract with selected bidder
  • Final selection summary and submit to management

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