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Over 25 years of micro-managing telecom expenses

It’s a long road from something that looks like it might save the company money, to cutting a vendor check for less money. This road has many detours and dead-ends, and avoiding accidents comes only with experience in recognizing and adapting to these real world conditions.

From navigating the various technical obstacles (both perceived and real) and overcoming institutional resistance, to working within current initiatives and strategic directions – it takes highly skilled project management expertise to realize success. There are many departments and personalities to pass through in the course of reaching a measurable result that must be achievable regardless of technology, industry, or culture.

Commitment to the Telecom Expense Management Industry

From inTelesystems’ first day, the commitment has always been to reduce the amount the client pays for telecommunications products and services. By maintaining that the expense item itself – the invoice – is the focal point for all network design, service consolidations, and vendor management activities, our clients “feel” the impact of our efforts. Starting in 2000 with the development of TEIMS – Telecom Expense & Inventory Management System – a sophisticated web-based expense, inventory, and provisioning system, inTelesystems dramatically expanded its capabilities in volume enterprise telecom management elements.

Two Paths To Profit

No matter how business changes, there will always be only two means to increase profit – profitable revenue or reduced costs. These are equal partners in the success of any business. We focus on cost management to support the profit goals of your company.

Redistribution of Profits

A core service delivery value of inTelesystems and its TEIMS solution is the ability to transfer profit from the telecom providers to your company. There is no simpler way to put it and that’s what we do – we take the profit that is currently going to the service providers and we transfer that profit back to your company.

Cost Reduction and Recovery

With a unique internal project management utility that holds true to the company’s legacy of cost reduction, TEIMS delivers advanced operational and accounting functionalities while identifying and tracking cost recovery and cost reduction opportunities. TEIMS offers a fully integrated solution that not only achieves hard dollar cost reductions, but has a major impact on operational cost savings and productivity through an end-to-end solution from receipt of invoice to payment processing.

The High Cost of Saving Money

Whether it be research and development, launching a new product, or reengineering a factory, every initiative in business costs some money and initiatives to save money are no different. You have to spend money to make money but you also have to spend money to save money. The question then becomes how much are we paying to save money.

In the case of telecom services that support the entire business infrastructure and keep the company running, the caution in efforts to save money are even more magnified when the stakes are this high. Like any activity that is not a core practice or engineered to be performed every day, the time to understand the process of effecting cost savings often consumes significant resource hours to account for the change requirements, impacts, and risks. The financial implications of this resource consumption is compounded by weeks growing into months as the cost reduction opportunity goes unrealized.

Subject Matter Expertise Applied To, and Aligned With, Our Customer’s Goals

Our services are constructed in a manner that puts us firmly entrenched with the interests of our clients. Whether it’s the CIO, the Telecom Manager, a local site manager, or an associate in accounts payable, our clients know whose side we’re on.

Our service management processes breed a level of cooperation from departments and management that realizes the embodiment of the vendor/customer partnership ideal. The experience of more than 25 years in navigating a variety of embedded institutional processes and cultures to achieve cost reduction success customer after customer, is the true measure of dependability in telecom expense management engagements.

Service + Cost = Value

Here again, in the value proposition of anything in business there are two equal partners. The level of product or service quality you receive, and what you pay for it. While the recognition of service quality is often self-evident, the value quality of its cost is not so transparent. Our job is to ensure that the cost partner in the value from your service providers supports the entire value proposition.