Network Expense Reduction Services (NERS)

“As corporate America struggled with the complexity of telecom vendor and expense management, InteleSystems built a business out of providing solutions to these issues long before it was widely accepted as a specialized niche.”

Broad-Based, Yet Detailed

Network Expense Reduction Service offers the most broad-based, yet detailed, overhaul of the various services that make up a company’s total telecommunications expense.

For businesses with a mandate to reduce costs and increase efficiency, the NERS program provides a relatively expedient approach to meeting these objectives.

ROI Savings

The High Cost of Saving Money (“we can do it ourselves”)

Generating profits through cost savings is no different than generating profits through increased sales. It has all the same elements – costs, quality, time to market, price value, and overcoming objections to effect the profitable event. These similarities continue in decisions to partner with experts on non-core operational (costs) and product production (sales) both designed to maximize profitability in the business.

Where the cost to engage professional expertise is clearly defined, making a comparison with internal costs is again, like profitable sales, an exercise in cost accounting. While some organizations may have additional challenges, all companies have the following elements to establish cost of savings:

  • Staff Costs:

    Another common element overlooked is the staff time attributed to the project. The internal resources are not free – the true hourly “loaded” cost applied even to underestimated project demands can be a startling awakening. It will almost certainly require considerably more time than a professional specialist that does it every day so this is not a realistic apples to apples comparison either.

  • Delayed Implementation:

    The single biggest destroyer of savings project ROI. All the intentions are good, but with shifting priorities on a monthly, even weekly basis, the time and focus necessary to implement the initiative is an elusive dynamic that can extend for many months. From prioritizing special strategic projects to overly cautious planning and management support – there are too many reasons not to get to it – particularly when the initiative is not service impacting.

  • Professional vs Non-Professional Expertise

    Is it realistic to suggest that the degree of achieved results will be at all equal when comparing the capabilities of internal resources touching many projects and support demands, with that of a professional resource that is engineering efficiencies into cost reduction projects every day as its sole focus and mission? It is not a once a once a quarter, once a year, once every couple of years encounter with professional expertise and just as the specialists that deliver the product or service that is your company’s business, a telecom professional services firm could not match this finished product.

  • Distraction from Other Projects Best Suited For Internal Management

    In any pursuit where the processes, procedures, and contacts are not at the core of the company’s business, the unforeseen “Scope Creep” introduces itself and increases the demands of the resources, increases the implementation costs, or delays the completion. As is often the case, the mission cannot be aborted at this stage and the focus and scheduling for other strategic productivity gain initiatives are impacted.

  • Navigation of Internal Cultures and Alliances

    As we all know, messing with the communications services with any company department is a touchy subject and resistance roadblocks are everywhere if any material change is required to achieve the project goal. Absent the executive sponsorship or sophisticated communications skills the project can be derailed or come to a complete stop.

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